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Thursday, January 20, 2011

investigate this



Dr. Pauling was my most memorable teacher. During my chemistry course, he was using

our class to proof his new chemistry text book. One day he started his lecture by lighting

a Bunsen burner under a beaker containing clear liquid. He then directed us to page 147

of his book. Very quickly he turned his back to the class and wrote the equation from page

147 on the blackboard. Finishing his famous scribble, he faced the class and told us that

he had dreamt about this formula last night. He told us to please put a square root of 2

in front of this formula. In his typical humorous manner he announced that the square root

of 2 was the best “fudge factor” that he knew about and since we lived in an imperfect

world, he felt it was necessary to modify this formula. With great flourish, Dr. Pauling

scratched the square root of 2 on the blackboard, turned toward us, reached into his

jacket pocket and with his wonderful mischievous smile, removed a tea bag and dunked

it into the now boiling water in the beaker. My perfect black and white world was forever


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Friday, January 14, 2011


computer game show blow out

remarks about Watson: It was odd watching a supercomputer playing a category called "chicks dig me"

- The Jeopardy champs had more concerns about Watson coming back from the future and harming them. Skynet quips were plentiful.

- Watson cannot be psyched out, which is a problem for human players. Jennings and Rutter said that it's a disadvantage to play a computer that has no emotions. Both Jeopardy champs said they were able to psych out rivals during their win streaks.

- Rutter said Watson can be a bit overwhelming. Jennings and Rutter quipped about how computer capabilities are part of human advancement, but acknowledged that they were a bit uncomfortable. Jennings said he "didn’t want technology to advance that far just yet." When John Kelly III, director of IBM Research reminded Jennings and Rutter that computer and human intelligence were at an intersection point and computing would only improve, Rutter quipped: "So we’re all extinct."

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robots play with kinect

machine vs man

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ben Goertzel

simon and alee say happy new year

Hello Carolyn,
and happy new year!
this is the first pic of simon and Alee  and I am amazed at how alee's smiles lights up
yesterday I had to work..and I took them both with me...cause my soul mate... a girl at work..;-)  wanted to meet alee
so she held them both...maybe that's why..they are so happy?

that's my guess

I am reading the book you recommended and I am learning about activation.. polyhedral fields and I can tell you right now..for a fact
these two skulls are activated..;- )

anyway..thanks for everything and you are right..I love my baby Einstein...tell him happy new year for us

Simon &

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