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Saturday, December 8, 2012

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from the book 'the mayan prophecies'

by Adrian G Gilbert and Maurice M Cotterell


"As we approach the doomsday year of 2012 which the ancient Mayans prophesied would be the end of the last age, one can only feel apprehension for the future of our earth. The start of the last mayan age was the birth of Venus, the quetzalcoatl  Star on 12 August 3114 BC. On the last day of the age, 22 December 2012. The cosmic connections between Venus, the sun, the pleiades and, Orion are once more in evidence. For just as Venus was indeed 'born' on the earlier date, it's rising just before dawn being heralded by the Pleiades at the meridian, so it now symbolically 'dies'. The SKYGLOBE  program reveals that just before the sun goes down on 22 December 2012, Venus will sink below the western horizon and at the same time the Pleiades will rise over the eastern. As the sun actually sets, so Orion rises, perhaps signifying the start of a new processional cycle and symbolically giving birth to a new world age. What this will mean for us physically in terms of Earth's geology we can only guess-- but it might involve the lost continent.


Edgar Cayce not only predicted that Atlantis would rise again but that there would be other significant 'earth changes' as we approach the millennium. Like Maurice Cotterell he believed there would be a shifting of the magnetic pole giving the rise to widescale disruption. Much of this seems to be cyclical in nature and that throughout the Earth's history there have been topographical changes and movements. However, never before has the world been so densely populated, and if his predictions come true, this will be the biggest catastrophe for humanity that we have ever known. He forecasts that large areas along the East and West Coast of America will disappear like Atlantis under the waves of the encroaching sea. At the same time the climate of Europe, a 'continent' suffering similar coastal  inundations, will be changed almost instantaneously to become much colder. This could be because the rise of the old continent of Atlantis will disrupt the Gulfstream and cut off Europe's 'central heating'. The change in the pole will, Casey says, produce other climatic alterations as what are today polar and tropical regions become more temperate. All of these predictions seem to fit well with the Mayan belief that the present world age would end at roughly the same time: AD 2012: what Cayce didn't say was what the mechanism for such Earth changes might be. Now with the new sunspot theories of cotterell we have a theory of causation at last. It is the solar magnetic field that produces reversals in the Earth's magnetic field and associated cataclysms"

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