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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hmmmm Biotechnology and


Singularity   Geepers

thats what I do  Biotechnology degree

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My resume

nice to meet you!
I am not a programmer. I love computers and when I was younger they used punched cards and filled up buildings. My father is an engineer and worked for IBM. 
I have an interest in building a computer that is smarter than human.
I believe it has already happened somewhere in space/time.
That is why I tell my smart friends..relax why should we worry about
how it will be accomplished? ... it has been...IMHO :D
I am a visionary kind and like to use my imagination...imagine that ;-)
I am a funny guy...laughter is the best medicine!

and I think I have been here before...I see myself standing around triangle shaped buildings..with palm trees and water pools..clean

I designed my own program at school..no they do not have nanotech
yes they have bio and I am interested in cells
I am interested in how the trillions of cells in my body communicate?

I see space when I look up at night..and I think...hmmm we are inside
of something larger!

and just like that there is something living on my eyebrow..
it is living on something larger, it is clueless as to the FACT it is living
on ME ;-)

I want to get a degree in Biotechnology and I have no plans on quitting school..when I graduate..I will go on the the next LEVEL...hee hee

I think everything is on levels..some up...some down

Hope that answers some of your questions

Kind Regards

Doug is Nanodoug

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