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Monday, April 19, 2010

goodnight ..hee hee ho

trans alchemy

well I thought I was through  for the day...then I started reading the cosmist manifesto..and the mind complexes which led me to
the following link..that..hmmmm

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this ends 41910 a day with nanodoug

impressive stop on the race

mzx kieser who likes mish

learn about the new game in town

more particles sparking neural roadmap to enlighten the dark of the day

nanodougs monday what is peculating in my neuronal network

disclose important site

my iphone exopolitic site

Coast To Coast Am - Apr 18 2010 - Hour 1 by Coast To Coast Am - George Knapp  
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Coast to Coast - Apr 18 2010 - Hour 1.mp3 (14020 KB)

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I am looking at this too

monday...this is what I am looking at